New: Friends Section(as of 10/02/03)

Here are more pictures!!! BIG or small


Sorry for the tardiness, but the above is a small promise of what's to come - the visual element. YES. It is hereby established that Colin Sheaff has finished scanning the mostly boring picture of him on a bike and will have them up in appropriate places to complement the text in short order. Please be patient, but not too patient.

Anyways, the bicycle journal is unchanged since December and yes I still hope to add details to past entries as I spend more time on it. But this is a decent overview (if condensed) of what I did between September 18th and December 10th (well, the late november/early december bit's still in beta. don't ask. really). In case you're just joining us, hi, my name is Colin Sheaff, and in September 2001 I quit my job as a database programmer in Arlington Heights, Illinois to ride my bicycle across America, or at least the eastern half. There are many reasons for a bicycle trip of this magnitude and nature, but primarily I'm riding to see old friends and get my head together mentally and spiritually towards deciding how to spend the bulk of my time as a human being for a few years, possibly the rest of my life. Prioritizing and gaining perspective, one might say.

So enjoy what's up and rest assured more will be added, though the timeliness of the content I can guarantee only against. Peace and love and wide shouldered roads - Colin Sheaff

ps - many of the early entries are more notes to jog my memory and further expand. If they seem a bit cryptic, that's why.

Oh yes, and AARON LIPKE still rules.

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